Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Best Kids Christmas Party Game Ideas

If you’ve decided to throw a Christmas Party for a group of children this year and you are stuck for great kid’s party game ideas, then here are some fun ideas and suggestions that will keep them well and truly entertained.

Simple, traditional party games can be adapted to suit a particular theme, so as it’s a christmas party you could adapt the following classic games into a christmas theme:
‘Santa Says’ – this is instead of ‘Simple Simon’ played in exactly the same way.
Snowman Freeze – when the music stops, children have to freeze and stand still like a snowman. The child that moves is out until the last remaining child is left.
Pin the Tail on Rudolph – like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ but adapted to pinning a big red nose on Rudolph instead.
‘Santa, Santa, Elf’ – Re-named ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’. You can choose other appropriate names too if you prefer.
Pass the Christmas Gift Box – same as ‘Pass the Parcel’ but why not wrap a box in Christmas design wrap and fill with pre-wrapped gifts for each child.
Apart from the traditional style games, here are some other games and activities that are really fun to play:

Fill The Christmas Stocking Relay:
Ideal for a larger group of children, this game involves splitting the kids into two teams. Hang up a couple of christmas stockings and get two large bowls and fill them with sweets. The children have to scoop up sweets with a spoon, walk over to the stocking and fill it, then run back and give the spoon to the next child in the line. The team who fills up the stocking the most sweets are the winners. If you can use anything suitable to fill the stocking with if you don’t wish to use sweets.

Pass the Candy Cane:
Form two groups of children if possible into two lines. The Children have to pass a Candy Cane sweet to each other using one finger only. The first team to pass the Candy Cane up and down the line is the winning team.

Christmas Word Countdown:
Great for smaller groups of older children that can read and write. Write out Christmas related words (e.g Father Christmas) on a piece of paper then cut them out
and place in a bag.
Each child in turn has to pull out a word then see how many smaller words they can create from that word within a set time (e.g Fat, Mister, Sister etc)

Hunt the Star or Bauble:
Ideal for kids of all ages, hide star or bauble decorations around the room and the child that finds the most wins a prize.

Decorate a Cookie:
Kids love a bit of cookie decorating, especially when they get to eat their creations.
Make cookies beforehand into shapes such as snowmen, christmas trees, gingerbread men, round Christmas puddings. Children will have so much fun with icing and adding sweets and sprinkles to them.
Whatever party games you decide to play at your christmas party, remember it should be fun activity rather than too competitive.

For more ideas visit Best Kids Party, for kids party games and lovely Pass the Parcel Games that have a slightly different twist to the usual Pass the Parcel game.

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