Thursday, 6 October 2011

Great Ideas for Kids Halloween Goodie Bags

If you are planning a Halloween Party this year, whether it’s for a few children or a large group of children, they will still expect to go home with some form of party bag. Here are some great ideas for spooky Halloween party gifts:

Paper & Cellophane Bags
Paper Bags – you can buy plain paper bags with or without handles in great traditional Halloween colours, such as orange, black, white, red and green.
Paper bags are great to decorate too. Children will have lots of fun creating their scary monster party bags.
Fill them with small halloween themed toys and some sweets.
For an extra spooky effect you can wrap the small toys in artificial stretchy cobweb and then place in each paper bag. Or perhaps sprinkle some halloween themed confetti for a great effect.
Cello Bags – Available plain or printed and ideal to fill with small toys and sweets. Most bags come with ties, but you could try & use something a bit more appropriate like black pipe cleaners to give that hairy spider effect.
Scary witch hand shaped cello bags are ideal to fill with popcorn if you think the kid’s have had too many sweets.

Gift Cups
Children can just as easily decorate a plain paper cup, provide lots of craft materials for them to make their own scary creations.
Make a couple of holes on either side of the cup and thread through some ribbon to make a handle so they can carry them easily.

Fabric bags
Cotton bags are a wonderful eco-friendly alternative and can be used over and over again. You can buy tote style bags with handles, or even drawstring bags in lots of designs including halloween themes. They are great to fill with little gifts.

Crafty things to make

A Witch or Wizard’s hat – use craft paper to make a cone shape and then stick it to a round base with a hole big enough to fit the size of a head. The hat can then be decorated. Children can make mini hats too that can be filled with treats ready to take home.

Mini Graves – get a large empty match stick box and paint it with black paint. Then cut out a tomb stone using grey card and stick this to one side of the insert box. You should still be able to push the box open at one end. The box can then be filled with some sweets.

Scary Masks – children can be as creative as they wish! Attach some elastic to fit around the head.

Spooky Lucky DipInstead of making up party bags, do a lucky dip box or bag.
To make up a lucky dip box simply have fun decorating a cardboard box and fill with small gifts for each child. Gifts can range from pocket money toys that fit in with the halloween theme or even small books and stationery items.
Instead of a box try using a black dust bin sack.

Something Sweet
If you are planning on trick or treating before the party, children would have collected enough sweets anyway.
As an alternative you could make ‘Ghost’ cake pops, pumpkin cupcakes, or ghoul looking cookies.

If you don’t have time to make your own party bags, but would like to look like you have, Best Kids Party have a range of fun Handmade Kids Party Bags in Halloween themes, as well as Gift Cups, Paper Party Bags, Cello Bags, Pocket Money Toys and Party Bag Fillers.

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