Friday, 30 September 2011

How to Create a Delicious Party Bag

Party Bags generally contain some pocket money toys, small token gifts and a few sweets, but more often than not it's the sweets that children are attracted to first.
Of course not every parent is happy for their children to munch their way through a whole packet of sweets, so here are some ideas of how to create an edible gift that is not just all about sugary sweets.

Cakes and Cookies
Cakes and biscuits are great for party bags as they are easy to make in larger batches and look great too when decorated with a bit of icing and perhaps some toppings.
A lovely touch is to make either cupcakes or cookies and personalise them with each child's initials. Children love to see things with their names on!
Cupcakes and cookies can also be made by the guests with adult supervision at the party or to save time just get them to decorate ready made ones.
You can then pop them into lovely Cellophane party bags and tie them with ribbon to give a finishing touch.
Another wonderful idea is to give out cupcake or cookie mix party bags. Basically they contain the dry ingredients to make either cupcakes or cookies. They are available to buy in some shops and online or if you are brave enough you can make your own providing you measure out the ingredients correctly. This way the guests can make bake them in their own time at home and it is a fun activity they can do with their parents or carers.
Cake Pops make another great edible gift. Each cake pop is made from cake mix that is combined with frosting, shaped onto lolly pop sticks and coated in candy. You can also buy them from specialist shops and they come in a multitude of styles and themes.

Fruit Creations
Not often does fruit or anything remotely healthy appeal to children, however it really is about they way it is presented.
Try fruit kebabs - this really is something the guests pretty much have to eat straight away, but many children do anyway whether it's sweets or cake.
Cut up fresh fruit into chunks and thread onto a skewer, then place into a cellophane party bag and tie with a ribbon. You can do this using dried fruit too.
This is probably a better idea for slightly older children as you don't want the young one's to poke themselves or anyone else with the skewer!

Popcorn whether it is plain, flavoured or coloured is great to fill into different types of party bags, such as cellophane bags, paper bags, food boxes and containers.
These ideas above just name a few edible treats, but of course there are many nationalities out there that have their own cultural treats. It is always nice to give something more unusual whether children eat it or not and in this way they learn more about different cultures and food.
Whatever you decide to give, just give the presentation some thought.

If you need more ideas of how to present your lovely treats, Best Kids Party have a wide range of  Kids Party Bags, which include cellophane party bags, paper party bags and kids party boxes. We also provide unusual Filled Party Bags which contain edible and non-edible treats.

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