Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Boys Party Bags

If you're thing about what to give to boys as party bag gifts, here's a few great ideas to help you decide:

Top 10 Ideas for Boys Party Bag Gifts:

1. Toys - Small pocket money toys are great to keep boys entertained, things like wall crawlers, racing cars, puzzles etc.

2. Balls - You can personalise a sports ball, which are fairly inexpensive to buy.

3. Masks - Animal masks are fun especially if you have a jungle theme. For a pirate party, items like eye patches, pirate hats, pirate hooks, fake moustaches are great to use.

4. Stationery - Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and note books come in lots of boys themes and designs. A packet of felt tips, crayons and colouring pencils can all be purchased in small sizes ideal to fit into party bags.

5. Cotton Bags - Fabric bags can be filled with some smaller gifts.

6. Craft Items - The boys can make something at the party, perhaps decorate a mug, make a craft object.

7. Books - Any type of book, reading, colouring, sticker, puzzle books all make wonderful party gifts. It is worth buying value packs available from large book retailers as this will work out a lot cheaper.

8. T-shirts - Whether they are plain, personalised or printed, a t-shirt is a great gift that each child can make good use of and they are fairly inexpensive to buy. The children can even decorate their own as part of the party entertainment.

9. Sweetie Bags - A bag off favourite penny sweets will go down a treat!

10. Filled Balloons - Fill a balloon with small toys and sweets and inflate.

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