Monday, 26 September 2011

Ideas For Party Bags With a Personal Touch

Personalised Party Bags not only look great, but they are also well received by children. Kids tend to respond very well to things with their name on it, mainly because from a young age they are taught to recognise, read and write their own name in preparation for school.
Here are some great ideas of how to personalise your party bags and make them one to remember:

1. Fabric Party Bags
A fabric bag is great to personalise with the added bonus that it can be used long after the party too and is a gift in itself.
The best type of bag to use is 100% un-dyed natural cotton and you can get them in different styles such as tote, drawstring and zipped bags.
You will need some fabric paints, fabric crayons or fabric pens to write each child's name on and decorate as you wish.
This is fun to do and great to involve the kids in. Perhaps you could get the children to decorate their own bag as part of the party activities.

2. Paper Bags
Get plain paper bags, preferably the Kraft style with handles, lots of art and craft materials and away you go!
You can personalise in lots of creative ways using different materials, such as felts, stickers, pens, paints, glitter, crayons and pencils. Again this is a good thing to get the children at the party involved in.
Try making some personalised name tags that you can attach to each bag. This can easily be made out of card or paper and either stuck to the bag or attached using ribbon.
If you have a photo of each child that is coming to the party, perhaps you could print off a picture of them and stick it to each bag. The kids are sure to be impressed when they see themselves on their party bags!

You don't only have to use fabric or paper bags to personalise.
Try using paper party cups, they are great to fill with little toys and sweets.
If you are having a garden party, how about personalising little ceramic plant pots.

Whatever you decide to personalise, by adding each child's name this not only gives it that extra special touch but it really is easier when you come to give out the party bags too. If you have a name on each bag there is less chance of a child accidentally picking up two bags instead of one or perhaps a child realizing that they do not have one because the bag was given to a sibling instead.

If you simply do not have time to personalise your own party bags, check out our range of Personalised Party Bags and Kids Party Bags, where you will find unusual designs to suit all budgets.

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