Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Girls Party Bags

If you're stuck for ideas of party bags for girls, here is our top 10 ideas of things you can give, which they will love:

Here are Top 10 party bag gift ideas for girls:

1. Jewellery and hair accessories - Girls love necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories and there are many different styles available in lovely girly themes.

2. Pretty Lip Gloss - Girls love adding shimmer to their lip and making themselves look pretty.

3. Mini Bags and Purses - Fabric party bags are a gift in itself and you can also add smaller gifts if you wish.

4. Stationery Items- Note books, pens, pencils, novelty erasers

5. Tattoo Transfers - Easy to apply and remove and they available in many themes such as Princess, Butterfly and Fairy.

6. Craft Items - The girls can create something at the party, which they can take home with them afterwards. Popular things to make and decorate are fabric party bags, pencil cases, trinket boxes, picture frames, flower pots to name a few.

7. Small Pocket Money Toys - Small toys are a great size to add to party bags.
Popular girls toys are things like Bubbles, Fairy wands, Bouncy balls, Puzzles.

8. Books - Girls love colouring books, sticker books, activity books & reading books.

9. Sweet Treats - You can make up little bags of sweets, candy cones or simply put a cupcake into a cute little cupcake box.

10. Cake Pops - This is the new alternative to a cupcake. You can buy them in many different themes and they make wonderful going home gifts.

Best Kids Party have lots of wonderful Girls Party Bags in lovely themes, as well as Girls Filled Party Bags and lots of Girls Party Bag Fillers.

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