Monday, 26 September 2011

So How Important are Party Bags?

Well believe it or not, a party bag is the most vital part of a party!
The term 'party bag' doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be a bag, but rather a name given to a gift given out to children at the end of a party.
Kids, especially of school age, almost expect a gift of some kind at the end of a party and many children look forward to receiving this well before the party has even begun!
Children love receiving gifts, in fact who doesn't? These days if kids don't receive anything, there are sure to be many unhappy faces!
For the party host, it is a great way to thank everyone for coming and bringing out the party bags is the grand finale and a lovely subtle way of showing that the party is over and it's time to go home!
Gifts given usually reflect the party in some way, especially if there is a particular theme and it almost acts as a summary of the party, after all it's the last thing that kids and their parents remember!
Many parents, especially school parents, try to out do each other and it has almost become a competition of who can come up with the best party bag!
This doesn't necessarily mean that the gift has to be expensive, but rather it's the most unusual that counts. However, most kids are usually happy with simple gifts and it's the sweets they mainly want anyway.
There are also many parents that don't throw parties for their children, but give out party bags gifts to each of their child's friends instead.
Deciding on what type of gift to give to all the party guests can be time consuming and does take some planning out. It all really depends on what your budget is and if you have chosen a particular theme for your party, this certainly helps in deciding what type of party bag to do.
There are no set rules on what a party bag gift should be. It can be something crafty that the kids have made at the party or even a pot plant! Having a party theme does make it much easier though to decide what to give.
Be creative and think about what hasn't been done before, as it can be the simplest of things that can bring a big smile to children's faces.
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