Monday, 26 September 2011

Interesting Party Bag Ideas on a Tight Budget

Organising a child's party can end up being quite expensive and that's just organising the venue and entertainment. Of course then you have to think about the party bags, more often with very little money left.
Here are some great ideas for interesting party bags on a tight budget:

- Plastic loot bags - these are inexpensive and you can buy them in themes to suit. Just fill them with sweets, bubbles, a balloon and perhaps a small toy.
- Paper bags - you can decorate each bag with each child's name or get them to do it as part of the fun. They will look great and you can fill them with a few inexpensive toys and sweets.
- Buy a book - you can buy packs of books from most major supermarkets or bargain book shops.
- Pop a few sweets into a balloon and blow it up. Kids won't know whether to play with it or pop it to get to the goodies!
- Sweetie bags - fill some penny sweets into cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon or put them into little jars.
- Fill a paper cup with some sweets and a toy, cover with a cellophane and tie with ribbon.
- Make up a lucky dip box and fill with cheap toys and sweets. The kids then get to have a dip in the box as they leave the party.
- Get the children to make something at the party, such as decorate a cupcake or cookie or pain a fabric pencil case. They then get to take their creations home with them.

Whatever you decide to buy, it always works out cheaper buying in bulk. For sweets, buy bigger value bags and split them out. The same applies to books or even pocket-money toys.
Party bags really don't have to cost a lot to look great. It's what you make of it. Use your imagination and try and create something unusual or a bit different.
Utilise materials in the house such as jam jars, containers and boxes, which you can collect, ask your neighbours, relatives and friends to help you collect things if you don't have much time before the party.
Whatever you decide to make, remember that most children are easily pleased and it should not be something to get stressed about, but rather a fun and pleasurable experience.
Chances are that kids with love them!
If you really don't have time or much imaginative flair, Best Kids Party have a huge range of interesting Childrens Party Bags that are great on a tight budget along with a great choice of Filled Party Bags & Gifts that are ready to go!

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